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If anyone believes that a different Prime Minister, under similar circumstances would have acted differently, then they refuse to look at the history of Israeli incursions and the power the military holds over the Israeli Government. more >>
In the second such incident since the 2006 war, two rockets fired from within Lebanon struck Israel Monday night. The news understandably made headlines in Israel, and was featured as a major story by all the major Western news outlets such as CNN and the BBC, coming just before President Bush starts his Middle East tour. more >>
The U.S. President’s visit to the Middle East this week will show once and for all that status quo lives on under the attempt to validate the old saying that an ounce of image is worth a pound of performance. In this case the image came seven years too late. In public appearances the Bush administration claims it supports “the road map for peace”. In 2218 words that “map” lacks any mention of human rights and International law. more >>
Anyone staying long enough in the West Bank comes to realise that the apparatus of the Occupation (prevention of free movement, house demolitions, indefinite administrative detention - just to mention a few of its features) disrupts civilian life beyond any possible security concerns and has a further unstated, though clearly identifiable, goal. more >>
Just two days ago, there were several articles that came out in the Israeli and Palestinian media about the calm that had settled over the Nablus area since Palestinian security forces were deployed there last month. more >>
Incensed by the brutal ugliness of Israels apartheid policies against Palestinians, members of Britains University and College Union (UCU) have voted to boycott Israeli academic institutions. more >>
Wearing a beat-up ratty UNCHR tee-shirt left over from Bint Jbeil and the Israeli-Hezbollah July probably helped. As did, I suspect, the Red Cross jersey, my black and white checkered kaffieyh and the Palestinian flag taped to my lapel as I joined a group of Palestinian aid workers and slipped into Nahr el-Bared trying not to look conspicuous. more >>
and so street fight returned to Gaza, and the indications of the war which we warned of for so long has returned to the streets as if the internal clashed had ever stopped, since they spoke about the Mecca Unity Deal the internal clashes never ceased, but continued of different scales, and by delinquency it seemed to have faded away but now the bloodshed has returned to the streets, alleys and hospitals of the Gaza Strip. more >>
Amman, Jordan I AM A PALESTINIAN from Nazareth, a citizen of Israel and was, until last month, a member of the Israeli parliament. more >>
For years I have been one of the doomsayers, arguing that the two-state solution is dead and that apartheid has become the only realistic political outcome of the Israel-Palestine conflict at least until a full-blown anti-apartheid struggle arises that fundamentally changes the equation. I based my assessment on several seemingly incontrovertible realities. more >>
For Israeli Jews, this week was all about celebrations, barbecues and oversized blue and white flags fluttering in the spring breeze as their country celebrated the 59th anniversary of its independence. For Palestinians, this was one more year enduring an open wound, one more year to remember the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people almost 60 years ago and the enormity of the problem it created. more >>
It is not by chance, not accidental that only a few days after the Arab Follow-up Committee assigned Jordan and Egypt to start holding talks with Israel, to present the Arab Initiative, Israel escalated its attacks and assassination against Palestinian fighters in the occupied West Bank. more >>
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Palestinian Cartoon

Abed Abed-Rabbeh (Photo by: Jane Smith)