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The military operations in Gaza and Bethlehem last May signalled once more that the Israeli security establishment (the military-industrial complex encompassing also the private security sector) has no interest in the so called “peace process.” In Israel it is not only the non-Zionist left that does not believe in Annapolis; neither does the army, though for very different reasons. more >>
Since we are still under the Israeli occupation, Israel has a certain level of control over the Palestinian Investment Conference. It is expected that 100 Palestinian businessmen from the Gaza Strip to join the conference which will be held in Bethlehem in the third week of May. However, their participation, and the participation of a number of foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs is pending Israel’s permit. more >>
The ruling Hamas party in Gaza will give on Thursday its response to an Egyptian-mediated truce with Israel, the London-based aL-Hayat Arabic newspaper reported.

more >>

[To read the full report, along with the accompanying photos, visit
http://aaron.resist.ca/node/176] more >>
Oh well… Gaza residents will apparently be able to collect the bodies of their loved ones, and maybe gather their body parts and bury them peacefully without being afraid of a new Israeli air strike or ground offensives. more >>
Next month, Israel will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The government is working feverishly to make this day into an occasion of joy and jubilation. While serious problems are crying out for funds, some 40 million dollars have been allocated to this aim. more >>
Recently the French engineering and consulting company Egis Rail joined European companies Veolia Transport and Alstom in their tramway project being built on Palestinian land in Jerusalem. Alstom won the construction bid in 2000 and two years later Veolia Transport obtained the operating rights. The tramway will connect the ring of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank with Jerusalem, for which Palestinian land is being confiscated, on top of other violations of international law. more >>
When the voice announced on the car radio "Palestinian terrorist killed eight school children in Jerusalem", I thought to myself 'How horrible.' As I was programmed to do by the wording of the news story, I imagined little children playing in a schoolyard when it all had taken place, killed in cold blood. On another broadcast the announcer had more details and mentioned the attack had been on 'Seminary' students, adding to the depravity of it all. I imagined these humble, little, monk-looking creatures praying for peace, harmony, and all that 'love thy neighbor' business that is supposed to be part of the Kingdom of God. 'What an awful thing to do,' I thought, 'Simply horrible'. more >>
On May 15, Israel will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Palestinians around the world will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba or the "Catastrophe." Among other things, Al-Nakba marks the forced expulsion and destitution of 750,000 Palestinians from their indigenous homeland and the destruction of 418 villages in 1948. Its aftermath effectively decimated Palestinian identity, culture and life. more >>
Events in the last few years suggest a qualitative change in the Palestinian cause at the regional level. No analyst or observer could fail to miss the resemblance between the current "Arab-Israeli" regional context and that of the crusader states that appeared in the Arab region in the Middle Ages. Israel has no intention of concluding a just peace with the Arab and Palestinian peoples. By a just peace I mean one of two possible solutions. more >>
Death hovered over Gaza long before locally-made Palestinian rockets struck near the Israeli southern town of Sderot on February 27, killing Roni Yechiah and sparking an Israeli ‘retaliation’ that has already claimed over 120 Palestinian lives. more >>
    Once more, as Israel continues its ruthless attacks on the Palestinian population (against both civilians and resistance fighters), mainstream media outlets direct the blame on the victims. This time the villain is none other than the democratically elected Palestinian movement Hamas. more >>
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