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Al-Quds TV cameraman Khader al-Zahhar after he was seriously injured in an Israeli air strike on a media building. (Anne Paq / ActiveStills)
gaza strip / israeli attacks / opinion/analysis Monday November 19, 2012 07:03   image 1 image
“The rocket hit me directly after it made a hole into the roof,” said Khader al-Zahhar, 20, from his hospital bed in Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital on Sunday.
read full story / add a comment
Both sides of the "debate" were in agreement on Israel
international / diplomacy / opinion/analysis Wednesday October 24, 2012 05:07   image 1 image
In the third and final head-to-head debate of the United States presidential election the Republican and Democratic candidates each attempted to out-support the other in dealing with Israel. read full story / add a comment
international / israeli politics / opinion/analysis Saturday September 29, 2012 10:11   image 2 images
Of course Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, went to New York to address the United Nations, similar to what his counterpart, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, did on the same day. While world leaders were expecting something substantial form Netanyahu, he chose the “power or art”, well not very artistic though. read full story / add a comment
These tanks store water during the weeks (sometimes months) during which Israel cuts off water supplies
palestine / palestinian politics / opinion/analysis Thursday August 02, 2012 14:07   image 1 image
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated that solving the water crisis in Palestine is among his top priorities. read full story / add a comment
Flanked by dedicated AIPAC members, President Obama signs another allocation bill for Israel
israel / diplomacy / opinion/analysis Monday July 30, 2012 15:51   image 1 image
The United States has long been one of the fiercest allies of Israel on the international stage. The 2012 presidential election has highlighted this relationship, perhaps more than ever before, as both President Obama and Mitt Romney do all they can to reinforce their commitment to Israeli desires. read full story / add a comment
The effective remains of a Palestinian state
palestine / israeli politics / opinion/analysis Tuesday July 24, 2012 14:20   image 1 image
Is Israel’s move to the hardline far right hurting its international standing? The Netanyahu government’s treatment of Occupied Palestine may harm the long-term solvency of the Israeli state. read full story / add a comment
Israeli peace group Gush Shalom logo
israel / israeli politics / opinion/analysis Friday June 29, 2012 02:50   image 1 image
EVERYBODY KNOWS by now why we are stuck in Palestine.

When God instructed Moses to plead with Pharaoh to let his people go, Moses told him that he was unfit for the job because “I am slow of speech and of a slow tongue” (Exodus 4:10). read full story / add a comment
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