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international / non-violent action / opinion/analysis Monday May 07, 2012 22:21
A vote for divestment comes up each year at regional church conferences; and this year at the quadrennial worldwide General Methodist Conference, it was again lost in a two to one decision voted on May 2. read full story / add a comment
Dr. Qumsiyeh at his book launch "Popular Resistance in Palestine" - Bethlehem (Photo: IMEMC News)
palestine / peace process / opinion/analysis Sunday May 06, 2012 15:48   image 1 image
Palestinian political prisoners illegally held in Israeli jails are on hunger strike and some are near death. The population of strikers includes 200 child prisoners, 27 Palestinian legislative council members, and 456 prisoners from Gaza who have not been allowed family visits since 2007 [1]. ` read full story / add a comment
Ilan Pappe (Photo: Anja Meulenbelt)
israel / diplomacy / opinion/analysis Wednesday April 18, 2012 11:07   image 1 image
Spending a week in Israel these days is like being trapped within a scene from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. read full story / add a comment
palestine / human rights / opinion/analysis Saturday March 24, 2012 00:52   image 1 image
Uri Avnery
israel / israeli attacks / opinion/analysis Monday March 12, 2012 13:16   image 1 image
Israel will not attack Iran. Period.The United States will not attack Iran. Period.The United States will not attack. Not this year, nor in years to come. For a reason far more important than electoral considerations or military limitations. The United States will not attack, because an attack would spell a national disaster for itself and a sweeping disaster for the whole world. read full story / add a comment
Haredi Jews Protesting, photo by godlessme.wordpress.com
israel / israeli politics / opinion/analysis Tuesday January 24, 2012 17:04   image 2 images
Fear runs rife in Israeli society regarding what has been previously labelled as the “demographic time bomb”, painting a scenario whereby the Israeli-Jews will be outnumbered by non-Jews inside Israel Proper (Israel minus the West Bank and the Gaza Strip) within our current lifetime. read full story / add a comment
Israeli settlement Ma'ale Adumim (image from wikipedia)
palestine / israeli settlement / opinion/analysis Saturday January 21, 2012 12:52   image 1 image
Violence, abuse, non-accountability, hate. Such is communal living today within the occupied West Bank, where some 518,974 colonisers sit within “200” illegal settlements. Noam Chomsky, “The settlements cover over 42% of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), not counting the Jordon valley, which they are taking over." read full story / add a comment
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Palestinian Cartoon

Abed Abed-Rabbeh (Photo by: Jane Smith)