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Gender Segregation protester wearing stickers saying: "Beit Shemesh is a Zionist town". photo by thespec.com
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Thousands of local residents gathered in the Israeli village of Beit Shemesh, protesting the radically changing demographic of their city by the ultra-Orthodox community. The group seem hell-bent on enforcing their values on the secular and moderately religious majority, by attacking immodestly dressed school girls, and attempting to enforce gender segregation in the public sphere. more >>
Surrounded by hilltop settlements above the village, settlers dump raw sewage down the hillside, contaminating the well and making it unusable for agriculture and drinking. Combatants for Peace and their supporters were there to encourage villagers to continue to develop and use their land; and to not be driven away. more >>
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Gender equality is a hot issue, and one that inflames emotions on both sides of the aisle. Whilst sexist stereotypes and practices are thought to be all but eradicated in the Western world, they are still prevalent within our society and merely run deep under the surface. more >>
The number detained and imprisoned [Palestinians] fluctuates as more are added daily. The number of Palestinians jailed by Israel once topped 12,000 and currently stands at over 5,000.
more >>
Dr. Zahi Damuni spoke in Tampa, Florida to an American audience on October 2. As a Palestinian who lives in California, he focused on a major detail of the peace accords; that of the right of return; but also detailed some of the possible repercussions of statehood.

more >>
Benjamin Netanyahu - File - Reuters
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Why can't the Palestinians recognize a "Jewish state"? more >>
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It is not strange to hear the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton saying that the “two-state solution should go through Jerusalem and Ramallah, and not New York,” meaning that negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis should be the way to peace. It is strange however, to realize that Clinton did not read history very well to learn that Palestinians have invested two decades on fruitless negotiations. What makes her comment absurd, is that she is talking about two states, ignoring the fact that Jerusalem and Ramallah are two Palestinian cities. more >>
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