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Photo: Fred Csasznik, Wikipedia
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Imagine if in the U.S. it were illegal to teach about the genocide of the Native Americans at the hand of the colonists, or about how violent and gruesome the system of slavery was that brought North America to be a center of capitalist production. Imagine if you could be punished for simply mentioning the suffering of the indigenous people on Thanksgiving, or for questioning the nobility of Columbus on Columbus Day. more >>
Dr. Mads Gilbert at Al Shifa Hosptial in Gaza
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Dr. Mads Gilbert has been providing volunteer medical services for Palestinians for the better part of three decades. more >>
Bilingual kindergarten after arson/Photo: Hand in Hand
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The visits by representatives of the Israeli government who arrived at the vandalised school were a clear display of the regime's hypocrisy; While they support the state of the Jewish race, they denounce those who implement the conclusions resulting from this. more >>
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The Gaza reconstruction plan is hostage to Israeli security demands, and was drawn up without participation of Gaza's population or Hamas. International donors talk about “accountability” and “local ownership”, yet are doing exactly the opposite. Elizabeth Austwick explores. more >>
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No one takes US 'peace plan' efforts seriously anymore – the Amman meetings were proof of that. more >>
AIC archive photo
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Israel's escalation in Jerusalem is not crazy, but logical and consistent political behaviour meant to create new facts on the ground. Nassar Ibrahim explores. more >>
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On November 6, 2014, Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem published a statement expressing their unease with the recent outbreak of violence and rapid deterioration of the situation in the Holy City. more >>
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As the lines blur between official Israeli state policy and the politics of individual extremists, Israel will have a hard time maintaining its shroud of “democracy,” particularly in the United States. more >>
(Wiki Commons image)
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97 years ago today, 2 November 1917, Arthur James Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary of the time, wrote to the American Lord Rothschild, promising British support for the Zionist programme of establishing a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine. more >>
Palestinians, prevented from entering al Aqsa, conduct their prayers in the street/Photo: Silwanic
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Once upon a time, the state of Israel had real political leaders. Their ability to lie and hide their true (and ugly) goals under a cover of moderation and readiness for compromise made them popular around the (Western) world. They argued that the real problem was the lack of partner on the other side, who would be ready – as the Israeli leaders supposedly were – to make 'painful compromises'. more >>
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