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In the world of marketing, it is a given that what ‘delights’ the customer today, will simply be an expectation tomorrow. For example, when cameras were first introduced on cell phones, this was an exciting concept and people flocked to the stores to upgrade their devices for a fancy new one with a camera. more >>
Beit Jala olive trees uprooted by Israel for the Separation Wall/Photo: Mazin Qumsiyeh
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The Palestinian Authority is the most significant enabler of the occupation today. more >>
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Famous American linguist Noam Chomsky has described the actions of the Israeli occupation in Palestine as “worse than South African apartheid”. more >>
photo: Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency
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One year ago, on 15 August – 40 days into Israel’s 51 day monstrous assault on Gaza that was clocking up 1800 innocent Palestinian deaths – Adrian Orr, the CEO of the New Zealand Superfund (NZSF) took a cheap shot, a morally cheap low shot, at concerned young protesters who chained themselves in the NZSF office demanding that the NZSF immediately divest from Israel Chemicals (ICL) – a supplier of lethal white phosphorus to the US army for the manufacture of munitions sold back to Israel to barrage fire and death on Gaza. more >>
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How is it that outrage over the killing of Cecil the lion has spread so far, and yet many people in the United States have still not heard the name of Ali Dawabsheh, the 18-month-old Palestinian toddler who was burned to death on July 31? more >>
Bank Leumi branch in the East Jerusalem settlement of Pisgat Ze'ev/Photo: WhoProfits.org
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Recommendations to the EU would “shut down” the Israeli economy. more >>
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The number of Israeli soldiers indicted for drug offenses rose by 50 percent, last year, in comparison to the year before, an internal annual army report reveals. more >>
Image: BrownPoliticalReview.org
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What is normalization in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and why does it matter? more >>
Gaza's Beit Hanoun following an Israeli attack in August 2014/Photo: B'Tselem
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“I have written this book as a way of preserving and passing on stories that need to be told.” more >>
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It is illuminating to contrast Israel’s belated solidarity with Pollard to its determined hostility to Mordechai Vanunu. more >>
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Defense for Children International - Palestine (DCIP) participated in a congressional briefing in Washington on Wednesday, urging lawmakers to investigate and hold Israeli forces accountable for using American-supplied weapons in attacks against Palestinian children last summer. more >>
Aftermath of Israeli air strike in Rafah/Photo: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights
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Amnesty International: 'Strong evidence' that Israel committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. 'Nobody can claim that they don't know what happened on Friday the 1st of August. We are closer now to justice than we were before.' more >>
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