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Anas  Mahmoud JudAllah (image: PNN)
According to the PNN, it is an incorrect assumption that the pain of prison ends after being released. more >>
by Charlie Andreasson
This is what seems to be the last thing I will write from Gaza. Not that there is nothing more to tell, there lies a new story under every stone, but because I will soon leave this small coastal strip where there is so much to be found. more >>
photo: Vancouver Media Coop
by the Alternative Information Center
Hopefully this is just the beginning of a world-wide campaign against Zim and all other Israeli shipping, until Israel reconsiders its policy of blocking all shipping to and from Gaza. more >>
Four-year-old Shima with her father, Ibrahim. Shima's mother, brother and sister were killed in an air strike during the recent conflict in Gaza. (UNICEF Photo)
The story of 4-year-old Shima is surely as horrifying as that of any child who lived through the recent conflict in Gaza. Listening to the details recounted by her father, Ibrahim, one can only wonder that she survived the 50 days of intense fighting. more >>
Photo by Mohammed Abedullah
by the International Solidarity Movement
We sailed out from Gaza City’s harbor just before dusk with the 13-man crew, including two boys, and we had a theoretical possibility to reach six nautical miles for fishing. But that the limit determined by the occupying power would have been moved from three to six miles is mostly a play with words. more >>
by IMEMC News & Agencies
The scale of the devastation caused by Israeli shelling on Gaza during the recent two-month assault has been shown in an online video, Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency reports. more >>
by the International Solidarity Movement
On the 25th August, the village of Burin, in the south of Nablus, was closed by the Israeli army and declared a military zone. more >>
Jouda Family Massacred By Israeli Shells
by Translated By Saed Bannoura, IMEMC
His children were waiting for the day when they would buy new clothes, books and pencils before the new school year started, they were playing and laughing with their mother and father, when Israel’s shells came and took their lives along with their mother. more >>
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mossawacenter.gif Mossawa: "Worsening Situation for Arab Community in Israel" by PNN/IMEMC News

image source: PNN Neglect and Disregard for Life in Israeli Prisons by the Alternative Information Center

Photo(s) by Charlie Andreasson The Blockade Remains by the International Solidarity Movement

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