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by IMEMC News & Agencies
As the overwhelming news of Israeli snipers executing the 13-year-old schoolboy Abdul-Rahman Obeidallah shook Bethlehem, furious demonstrations dominated the streets. more >>
by International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
Sireen Frarjarh and her husband Mahmoud Abujoad Frarjah met eyes numerous times during this past Tuesday’s trial in an Ofer military court hearing. The trial was to determine if the young, newly married Palestinian man from the Deishah refugee camp in Bethlehem, would be held in detention until the conclusion of his court proceedings. The judgement, to continue Mahmoud’s detention was passed down by the blind eyes of the Israeli ‘justice’ system for an alleged crime over a year old. more >>
Photo of Mohammed hiding behind his father Photo credit: France 2
by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
Chaos in the streets of Gaza. Israeli forces showered the strip with gunfire while Palestinian medics ran frantically to evacuate those crumpled on the ground with blood rushing from holes in their bodies before racing for cover themselves.

Running from the violent, precision Israeli military assault, some were felled in the act as lethal and non lethal projectiles met with their skin. …And behind a waist-high concrete cylinder a Palestinian father and his 12 year old son Mohammad took cover. more >>
Street vendor Muammar Quider was set to marry, but he reached his breaking point as he dealt with the unique pressures of life in the Gaza Strip. (AFP/Mohammed Abed)
by IMEMC News & Agencies
Muammar Quider was set to marry, but he reached his breaking point as he dealt with the unique pressures of life in the Gaza Strip.

The 21-year-old Palestinian recently tried to kill himself by swallowing rat poison.

more >>
Bodies of children killed in Israeli attack on Gaza, last year.
by the International Solidarity Movement
If there is any reason for our existence, at least it should be our capacity to inform about a story while it is happening, in a way that nobody can say: “We did not know, nobody had told us anything”
~Robert Fisk
more >>
Photo: Nurit Jacobs-Yinon
by the Alternative Information Center
The challenging situation of Palestinian women was created by the establishment of Israel. more >>
Image By Samir Bader - WAFA
by Doaa Zahde – WAFA News
File picture shows Aeham al-Ahmad, a former resident of Damascus' Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, playing the piano in the street. (AFP/Rami Al-Sayed/File)
by IMEMC News & Agencies
Three years of siege, famine and bombing of his Damascus refugee camp didn't kill celebrated Palestinian musician Aeham al-Ahmad, but something died inside him the day militants burnt his beloved piano in front of his eyes. more >>
by the International Solidarity Movement
It only depends on us that this mother’s cry of pain does not drown in the silence. more >>
by the International Solidarity Movement
International Solidarity Movement human rights monitors spend the afternoon at the Women in Hebron embroidery cooperative where Palestinian women are empowering themselves and persisting with grace in a colourful and beautiful way in a community space amidst the horror of the ongoing military occupation of their home. more >>
MSF social worker in Balata camp, Nablus
by IMEMC News & Agencies
Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (TRC) have announced their cooperation in providing comprehensive mental health support and rehabilitation for survivors of politically motivated violence in East Jerusalem. more >>
by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
One year after Israel’s attacks in the Gaza Strip, the massacre in Khuzaa is vividly remembered by one of its inhabitants. more >>
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