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Collaborators File Opened Again, Two Publicly Executed in Tulkarem

author Thursday October 23, 2003 01:00author by IMEMC & Agencies Report post

in their early twenties were shot dead Thursday by masked activists

IMEMC Staff & Agencies, October 23, 2003 In Tulkarem refugee camp, two men, Samer Ufi and Mohamed Faraj, bth in their early twenties were shot dead Thursday by masked activists in front of a crowd of people. The two were kidnapped a week ago. On Wednesday, Al-aqsa martyrs’ brigades distributed a video tape of their confessions about collaborating with Israeli intelligent service officers. At the early months of the current crisis, few collaborators were arrested and few others were killed, especially after Israel started to use targeted killings against Intifada activists. As collaborators issue has severe consequences on the social fabric of the society and can trigger family based revenge acts, resistance groups, so far, exercised a high level of tolerance towards the collaborators phenomenon.

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