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Five More Residents Killed By Israeli Missiles In Gaza

author Monday November 19, 2012 11:17author by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies Report post

Palestinian medical sources reported that five residents were killed in a new round of Israeli attacks targeting different parts of the Gaza Strip. 19 Palestinians have been killed since Monday at dawn, 54 injured; 92 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli shells since Wednesday, more than 740 were injured.

Image By Maan News Agency

Medical sources reported that the two slain residents were identified as Ibrahim Mohammad al-Astal, 46, and Omar Mahmoud al-Astal, 14; also, a 4-year-old child was injured.

Two more residents identified as Mahmoud Sa’id Abu Khater and Abdullah Harb Abu Khater were killed in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, after the army fired a missile at a motorcycle. The motorcycle drivers escaped unharmed but the two residents, walking nearby, were killed.

Another resident was killed and his body was severely mutilated and burnt when the army bombarded Tal al-Hawa, south of Gaza City.

The resident was identified as Mohammad Shamlakh, 32.

Earlier on Monday at dawn, three Palestinians were killed when the army fired a missile at a vehicle west of Dir al-Balah, in central Gaza.

Also, residents Anwar al-Astal and Ibrahim al-Astal were killed on Monday morning when the army bombarded an area west of Khan Younis.

One child girl, the daughter of one of the slain residents was seriously injured.

The army also fired a missile at a civilian vehicle transporting three brothers who were killed in the blast and their bodies were severely mutilated. The victims were identified as Amin Abu Bashir, Salah Abu Bashir, and Tamer Abu Bashir.

At least 14 Palestinians, including several children and family members, were killed by Israeli missiles and shells.

The number of Palestinians killed due to the ongoing Israeli aggression since last Wednesday arrived to 89, mainly civilians including children, infants, women and elderly, while more than 720 Palestinians have been injured.

Updated List of Names, Ages, Of Palestinians Killed By Army Shells In Gaza Since Wednesday;

1- Ahmad Al-Ja’bary, 52 years old.
2- Mohammed Al-Hamss, 28 years old.
3- Rinan Arafat, 7 years old.
4- Omar Al-Mashharawi, 11 months old.
5- Essam Abu-Alma’za, 20 years old.
6- Mohammed Al-qaseer, 20 years old.
7- Heba Al-Mashharawi, six-month pregnant, 19 years old.
8- Mahmoud Abu Sawawin, 65 years old.
9- Habis Hassan Mismih, 29 years old.
10- Wael Haidar Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.
11- Hehsam Mohammed Al-Ghalban, 31.
12- Rani Hammad, 29 years old.
13- Khaled Abu Nasser, 27 year old.
14- Marwan Abu Al-Qumsan, 52 years old.
15- Walid Al-Abalda, 2 years old.
16- Hanin Tafesh, 10 months old.
17- Oday Jamal Nasser, 16 years old.
18- Fares Al-Basyouni, 11 years old.
19- Mohammed Sa’d Allah, 4 years old.
20- Ayman Abu Warda, 22 years old.
21- Tahrir Suliman, 20 years old.
22- Ismael Qandil, 24 years old.
23- Younis Kamal Tafesh, 55 years old.
24- Mohammed Talal Suliman, 28 years old.
25- Amjad Mohammed Abu-Jalal, 32 years old.
26- Ziad Farhan Abu-Jalal, 23 years old.
27- Ayman Mohammed Abu Jalal, 44 years old.
28- Hassan Salem Al-Heemla’, 27 years old.
29- Khaled Khalil Al-Shaer, 24 years old.
30- Ayman Rafeeq Saleem, 26 years old.
31- Ahmad Abu Musamih, 32 years old.
32- Osama Mousa Abdeljawad, 27.
33- Ashraf Hasan Darwish, 22.
34- Ali Abdul-Hakim Al-Mana’ma, 20.
35`- Mukhlis Mahmoud Edwan, 30.
36- Mohammed Al-Loulhy, 24 years old.
37- Ahmad Osama Al-Atrash, 22.
38- Abdul-Rahman Salem Al-Masri, 31.
39- Awad Hamdi Al-Nahhal, 23.
40- Ali Hassan Iseed, 25 years old.
41- Mohammed Sabry Al’weedat, 25 years old.
42- Osama Yousif Al-Qadi, 26 years old.
43- Ahmad Ben Saeed, 42 years old.
44- Hani Bre’m, 31 years old.
45- Samaher Qdeih, 28 years old.
46- Tamer Al-Hamry, 26 years old.
47- Jumana Salamah Abu Sufian, 1 year old.
48- Tamer Salamah Abu Sufian, 3 years old.
49- Muhammad Abu Nuqira
50- Eyad Abu Khusa, 18 months old.
51- Tasneem Zuheir Al-Nahhal, 13 years old.
52- Ahmad Essam Al-Nahhal, 25 years old.
53- Nawal Abdul-'Al, 52 years old.
54- Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, the father.
55- Ranin Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 5 years old.
56- Jamal Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 7 year old.
57- Yousef Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 10 years old.
58- Ibrahim Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 11 months.
59- Jamal Al-Dalou, the grandfather.
60- Sulafa Al Dalou, 46 years old.
61- Samah Al-Dalou, 25 years old.
62- Tahani Al-Dalou, 50 years old.
63- Amina Matar Al-Mzanner, 83 years old.
64- Abdullah Mohammed Al-Mzanner, 23.
65- Soheil Hamada.
66- Mo’men Soheil Hamada, child.
67- Atiyya Mubarak, in his fifties.
68- Hussam Hussein Abu Shaweesh, 37.
69- Samy Al-Ghfeir, 22 years old.
70- Mohammed Bakr Al-Of, 24 years old.
71- Ahmad Abu Amra
72- Nabil Ahmad Abu Amra.
73- Hussein Jalal Nasser, 8 years old.
74- Jalal Nasr, 35.
75- Sabha Al-Hashash, 60 years old.
76- Saif Al-Deen Sadeq.
77- Ahmad Hussein Al-Agha.
78- Emad Abu Hamda, 30 years old.
79- Mohammed Jindiyya, 31.
80- Mohammed Iyad Abu Zour, 4 years old.
81- Nisma Abu Zour, 19 years old.
82- Ahed Al-Qattaty, 38 years old.
83- Al-Abd Mohammed Al-Attar, 51.
84- Rana Ash-Shandi, 18 months.
85. Tamer Roshi Basheer, 30.
86. Amin Zohdi Basheer, 40.
87. Salah Basheer.
88. Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Astal, 46.
89. Omar Mahmoud Al-Astal, 14.
90. Mahmoud Sa’id Abu Khater.
91. Abdullah Harb Abu Khater.
92. Mohammad Shamlakh, 32.

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