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Israel Plans to Resume Construction of Annexation Wall in Jerusalem

author Thursday July 05, 2012 16:16author by Kelly Joiner - IMEMC & Agencies Report post

An Israeli army officer revealed plans to resume construction of the annexation wall in Jerusalem in the coming weeks.

The annexation wall in East Jerusalem.  Source:  The
The annexation wall in East Jerusalem. Source: The

Israeli army colonel Ofir Hindi, head of the administration responsible for construction of the annexation wall, revealed plans to continue construction on the wall in Jerusalem in the upcoming weeks.

Israeli news agency Yediot Ahranot reported on discussions during an Israeli Supreme Court hearing regarding an appeal Palestinians have submitted to stop construction. Plans include building in Jerusalem city and near Gush Etzion settlement.

Hindi said in court, "Despite the relative quiet in Jerusalem, the fence outlines in Ma’aleh Adumim are of a clear security necessity."

The news agency acknowledged that resumption of construction will have international implications and the Israeli government will be subjected to outside pressure to stop building.

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